A Teen’s Confessions

“When someone says your dream is impossible, tell them ‘Yes, it’s impossible for me to stop believing in it.’” ~ Rina Raj

Rina RajMeet Rina Raj (actually her name is Karina but no, I’m not feeling resentful for her choosing this nickname at all… 😛 ).

Rina is my awesome 16 year old. She has dreams, goals, aspirations, and an inner drive to help teenagers – even parents – with better communication around the world.

Rina has many special gifts. Amongst these, she’s a phenomenal communicator and an excellent writer. She’s also a thought-provoking individual with a beautiful spirit, a young woman who’s conscious and interested in learning about the mysteries of life. She loves expressing herself through writing, music and acting.

As many parents can relate, dealing with teenagers is not always easy. Communication can be complex and it’s tough sometimes to know what’s going through the minds of these young souls, for they choose to keep a lot bottled up inside and mostly share intimate discussions with their friends.

One weekend I was extremely upset with Rina. She was in one of those moods that just affected me that entire weekend.

I was ignored each time I asked her to do something. I was given that “teenage attitude” which involved eye-rolling (no I didn’t do that to my parents when I was young – okay, maybe I did) and a harsh tone of voice.

By the way, did I mention I was ignored?

That evening, I lost control of my patience as well as my emotions (yes, I too feel upset and angry sometimes). I sat my daughter down and had a heart-to-heart discussion with her. And to my surprise, she opened up and shared her feelings with me.

The words that came out of her mouth, describing what she was feeling in her heart, the pain she was holding on to, the troubles she was experiencing in school, the confusion of life, the uncertainty about what she was thinking and feeling made me realize that night – her moods had ZERO to do with me. She was only responding the way she was responding to me because she was already holding on to so much hurt and pain from events that took place during the week.

I just happened to be that mother who kept “nagging” her daughter who was already stirred up from dealing with much middle school confusion. Nagging her at a time that just wasn’t right for her.

After she felt comfortable enough to open up to me, she communicated what she was feeling deep down and even suggested that we start a mother-daughter journal where we can exchange our thoughts and feelings in a peaceful manner.

Let’s just say, I was astonished.

Her words made so much sense. Her solution to help foster communication between her and I left me in such a state of peace. How could I not understand where she was coming from?

Then it dawned on me, here was another special gift of my daughter. She was blessed with great communication and writing skills, and she has a dream to help teenagers – and parents – understand one another better to alleviate additional stress and unnecessary conflict.

Hence the birth of her blog, Confessions of a Typical Teen!

I am proud to announce that Karina – I mean Rina – will be sharing her experiences with teenagers and parents in hopes to help clarify miscommunications and foster healthier relationships within families. Rina has many ideas and personal experiences to share with the world.

Rina is a phenomenal young woman and I am honored to witness this unique and profound journey of hers. I know that she will bring extreme value and much teenager wisdom to all of you. ❤