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“If you limit yourself with limiting beliefs, you’re going to live a limited life in a limited world.” ~ Sunita Sukhraj

Be Love? What does that mean?

To be love means to work on yourself. Focus on you.

It means forgiving yourself for your past choices, releasing yourself of negative energies, and enjoying the gifts of The Present.

It means creating positive energy from within. Feeding your mind, heart and soul with positive thoughts and inner peace.

It means accepting The Truth which is, we cannot change others. We can only change ourselves.

So how can we do this?

By controlling our own thoughts and actions using the gift of Free Will.

We can control our behaviors, our habits, and our reactions to situations and circumstances. We can make choices that serve ourselves, as well as humanity. And we can share with each other, so that we may better connect with one another using this powerful tool called Love.

Love is a beautiful language that comes in many different expressions and forms. We can love ourselves first and foremost, express love to our family and friends – even exchange love with those we cross paths with briefly, such as at a grocery store or even on the road.

A few years ago, I started my blog A Sincere Soul’s Life Experiences in order to share some challenging times I experienced throughout my life. The beauty of these trials was that I learned how to break Free and overcome many limitations while discovering my own potential and inner strength.

I discovered a beautiful sense of freedom from the pain and limitations that held me back – pain that prevented me from growing, smiling, evolving, even loving those around me.

I discovered I held the power to forgive myself. And as a result, I discovered immense peace within my own heart.

I discovered Love. Real Love. True Love. Unconditional Love.

By sharing my life’s experiences, many were able to relate and find clarity in their own personal journey. With the positive feedback and gratitude I received from many, it dawned on me…

Love Is The Key.

Whether you’re experiencing relationship issues, trying to heal from your past, exploring ways to improve your health, seeking to better understand spirituality, having challenges as a parent, or need some inspiration and guidance throughout your journey, this website will provide experiences that will point you in the right direction ~ the direction towards your Heart.

So let go of those negative energies and limited beliefs. Discover your own Truth.

Set yourself Free and start by loving you first.

Then you will Be Love!

Together we will emanate positive energy with Love to help heal our earth and those around us!

Profile HeadshotAbout Sunita

Sunita Sukhraj is a software quality engineer working in information technology. She has a bachelor of science in electrical engineering technology and a master of science in computer information systems. But she holds her most valuable degree, her doctorate of philosophy, in life’s experiences!

A single mother of two amazing girls, model, mentor, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, Sunita is striving to change the world through her actions using the power of Love. On her spare time, she’s executing multiple projects, planning events and creating random acts of kindness to inspire others to feel better about themselves and to enjoy the gift of Life.

Sunita is also a project manager for A Slice of Hope in Florida; an effort designed to help eradicate hunger throughout the nation by spreading joy and optimism with live music and food at shelters and service centers. In addition to volunteer work, Sunita enjoys vegetarian cooking, experimenting with raw-vegan meals, reading, meditation, yoga, dancing, traveling, and taking pleasure in evolving throughout her spiritual journey.