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Set Yourself Free“If you limit yourself with limiting beliefs, you’re going to live a limited life in a limited world.” ~ Sunita Sukhraj

Be Love? What does that mean?

To be love means to work on yourself, to focus on you.

It means forgiving yourself for your past choices, releasing yourself of negative energies which no longer serves you, and enjoying the gifts of the Present.

It means creating positive energy from within; feeding your mind, body and soul with positive thoughts, positive inspiration and positive affirmations.

It means accepting the fact that we cannot change others, nor should we try to. We can only change ourselves.

So how can we do this?

We can do this by controlling our own thoughts and actions using the gift of free will.

We can create new habits, control our behaviors, and control our reactions to situations and circumstances. We can make choices that fosters our inner growth. We can share with each other, so that we can better connect with one another, using the powerful language of Love.

A few years ago, I started my blog A Sincere Soul’s Life Experiences to share some personal stories as inspiration to others. As a result of sharing, I discovered a beautiful sense of freedom from the pain and limitations that held me back for years, limitations that prevented me from growing, smiling, evolving, even loving those around me.

I discovered that I had held the power to forgive myself all along and as a result, I discovered a beautiful peace that exists within my own heart.

I discovered Love. Real Love. True Love. Unconditional Love.

By sharing my life’s experiences, many were able to relate and find clarity in their own personal journey. With the positive feedback and gratitude I’ve received from many, it dawned on me…

Love is the key. Love is the answer.

Whether you’re experiencing relationship issues, trying to heal from your past, improve your health, understand your spiritual sense of self, having challenges as a parent, or in need of inspiration and guidance throughout your journey, this website will provide experiences that will point you in a direction towards your own heart, where you will find your answers.

So let go of those negative thoughts and limited beliefs. Find yourself. Discover your own Truth. Set yourself free and start by loving yourself first. Then you will discover that you can be Love! And by being Love, together we’ll be able to heal our earth and those around us!